Kids Club

Our after-school enrichment program is offered for Kindergarten through 5th grade students. Our goal is to provide a safe place for our at-risk kids after school. Our program involves help with homework, as well as having a focus on increasing literacy. 

Through our partnership with the Regional Food Bank , we are able to serve a meal to every student aged 18 and under during program time

Our Areas Of Focus


A strong education is the foundation for success. We take a holistic approach which centers around life skills, relationships, academics, nutrition, and personal wellness.


Children are always looking for a way to express themselves. We aim to channel that expression through hands-on activities and projects, all culminating in the creation a portfolio.


Working our bodies is just as important as working our minds. We take having fun very seriously and have plenty of games and physical education.


We learn the most when we are out experiencing new things. That's why we go on special outings once a month to keep broadening our horizons.

You Can Make an Impact

Our Kids’ Club program is provided to students at no cost to their family. What this means is that we depend on the monetary support of people like YOU to help us continue to provide incredible support to these kiddos!