Our Vision

Elementary School

When a student falls behind in school, it can be very difficult to catch back up. This problem is often compounded throughout the course of her/his academic journey. A student who cannot read at grade level by the 3rd grade is 13 times less likely to graduate from high school.

Kids Club

Kids Club

Kids Club meets elementary students where they are at in their academic journey and skill levels. Our after-school mentoring, literacy tutoring, and homework assistance help students increase their reading levels and lay a foundation for future academic success.

Middle School & High School

Middle school and high school is an important time of both academic and personal growth. Teenage students must manage more rigorous coursework as well as navigate a variety of positive and negative influences. 88% of students that are not academically proficient and/or drop out of high school eventually are incarcerated or receive welfare benefits.


Adulthood presents a variety of social, academic, and economic challenges. Without a support structure, young adults can have difficulty navigating the complexities of higher education, health care, financial responsibility, parenthood, and home ownership.